PowerPoint Presentations for Government & Economics


American Government

Check the following websites to see where I found the PPP presented here:
Houghton Mifflin: http://college.hmco.com/polisci/gitelson/am_gov/7e/instructors/ppt.html
The Virtual Classroom: http://www.virtualclassroom.net/tvc/gov/
The American Citizen: http://www.twyman-whitney.com/americancitizen/ppt/index.htm
Mr. Green's Political Science 1100: http://cactus.dixie.edu/green/A_American%20Government/1100%20ppSlides.htm
Pete's PowerPoint Station: http://government.pppst.com/index.html


Foundations & Structure

Constitutional Democracy
American National Government
Myth and Reality in American Politics
Origins of American Government
Constitutional Foundations
The Constitution
The Constitution: Supreme Law of the Land
Principles of the Constitution
Principles Government
Principles Government 2
Foundations of Democracy
Separation of Powers

Participating in Politics

-Public Opinion and Political
The Media
Public Opinion in American Democracy
Political Parties #1
Political Parties #2
Political Parties #3
The Two Party System
Politics in Action
Campaigns and Elections
Interest Groups
Interest Groups and Their Influence
Interest Groups

Legislative Branch

The Legislative
Congress: Its Powers, Structure, and Members
The Lawmaking Process
Domestic Policy and Policymaking
Economic Policy
Social Policy





Executive Branch

-The Executive
Powers of President #1
Powers of President #2
The Office of President
Government at Work
Foreign and Defense Policy

-Foreign Policy





Judicial Branch

-Courts, Judges, and the Law
The Judicial

The Supreme Court and the Federal Court System
Law and the Legal Process
Civil Liberties
Civil Liberties: The First Amendment Freedoms
Civil Liberties: Due Process of Law
Civil Rights: Equal Protection of the Law
Civil Rights

State & Local Government

-Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
Federalism #1

Federalism #2
Federalism: Division of Power






Political Systems

Classification of Governments
-Types of Government
Comparative Governments 






Current Events

-Iraq War
Warrantless Wiretapping
Media Bias
Capital Punishment
Use of Torture
Take a Moment and IMAGINE
World Incidents of Terrorism
Suicide Bomber Boy
Top Five Most Deadly Tactics, Techniques and Procedures



Check the following websites to see where I found the PPP presented here:
Principles of Economics  (Mankiw 3e): http://www.swlearning.com/economics/mankiw/mankiw3e/powerpoint_econ.html
Ms Holman from Carmel High School: http://www.ccs.k12.in.us/chsteachers/aholman/Economics/PowerPoints/economics_powerpoints.htm

McGraw-Hill Economics, by McConnell: http://www.mhhe.com/economics/mcconnell15e/student/olc/powerpoint.mhtml
McGraw-Hill Economics, Resources for Students, by Samuelson & Nordhaus: www.mhhe.com/economics/samuelson17/students/powerpoint.mhtml
Pearson Education, by John Sloman: www.bized.co.uk/educators/he/pearson/lectures.htm
Oxford University Online Resources: http://www.oup.com/uk/orc/bin/9780199250042/01student/ppts/
Tutor2u Economics Free PowerPoint Presentations: http://tutor2u.net/presentations.asp
Economics Network. Links to several websites with PowerPoint Presentation: http://www.economicsnetwork.ac.uk/teaching/slides.htm

Basic Concepts

-Chapter 1
-Nature of Economics
-Factors of Production
-Ten Principles

-Thinking like an Economist
-Elasticity #1
-Elasticity #2
-Supply & Demand

-Supply & Demand II
-Theory of Production

Money & Banking

-Money & Banking
-Financial System

-Financial Markets
-Basic Rules of Finance
-Federal Reserve
-Monetary System
-Money Supply





Economic Performance

-Measuring a Nation's Income

-Measuring Domestic Output
-Measuring Cost of Living
-Aggregate Demand & Supply
-Inflation vs. Unemployment



World Economy

-World Economy
-The U.N. on the World Economy
-Asian Giants and the World Economy
-World Poverty
-Developing Countries

-Transitional Economies

Role of Government

-Fiscal Policy

-Understanding Taxes
-Fairness in Taxes
-Designing a Tax System
-Public Goods
-Monetary & Fiscal Policy
-Monetary Policy
-Government Spending
-Debate on Macroeconomics
Personal Economics

-Theory of Consumer Choice

-Consumer Behavior
Economic Systems

-Economic Systems

-Economic Systems and Tools
Role of Labor

-Income. Principles.
-Wage Determination
-Different Salaries

-Inequality & Poverty
-Unions, Discrimination & Immigration
-Health Care
International Trade


-International Trade
-International Trade #2
-Exchange Rates & Trade Deficits
-Open Economy
Market Economy

-Market System
-Market Forces

-Costs of Production
Role of Businesses

-The Competitive Firm

-Market Competition
-Pure Competition
-Monopoly #2
-Oligopoly #2
-Monopolistic Competition

-Anti-Trust Policy
-Multinational Corporations
Current Events

-Economic Integration
-Globalization #1
-Globalization #2
-Oil Markets


PowerPoint Presentations for History of Cinema


Film Language. Terms and Concepts. Making a Movie. The Star System. Stereotypes. European Cinema (German, Soviet, Italian, French, and British)
The Birth. Silent Cinema
Cinema in the Age of Television (1945-65) Eastern Cinema
Classical Hollywood Narrative & Style. Cynicism and Rebellion
Hispanic Cinema (Spanish, Mexican, Argentinean, and Cuban)
The American Studio System
The Return of the Myths
Genre Cinema