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Academic Sites

1-Course "History of World Cinema" (Syllabus, List of Selected Movies and Link to Lecture Notes)

2-The Internet Movie Database

3-Cinema History

4-History of Film by Wikipedia

5-History of American Cinema by Decades

6-How are Movies Made?

7-A Short History of the Movies (From the book)

8-The Language of Film by Dr Stuart Taberner

9-Cinema Historia: Centre for Cinematic Research at the University of Barcelona, Spain

10-American Film Institute

11-The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. The Oscars.

12-Cinema Forever: Films of all Countries

13-French Cinema

14-Cannes Film Festival


16-British Cinema

17-The British Film Institute

18-German Cinema

19-German Cinema 2

20-German Cinema 1945-80's

21-Italian Cinema

22-Cinema of Italia by Wikipedia

23-Russian and Soviet Cinema

24-List of Soviet & Eastern Europe Films (U.C. Berkeley)

25-Spanish Cinema

26-History of the Spanish Cinema

27-Cinema of Mexico

28-The Mexican Film Resource Page

29-More than 100 Years of Mexican Cinema

30-Portal of Cuban Cinema

31-History of Cuban Cinema

32-Cuban Cinema

34-History of Argentinean Cinema

35-The Page of the Argentinean Cinema

36-Foreign Films-Non American Films

37-Movie Posters

38-More Movie Posters

39-Univ. Calif. Berkeley: Media Resources Center 

40-Movie Review Query

41-Film Freak Central

42-Parents' Previews

43-E - Film Critic

44-Rotten Tomatoes: Reviews, Celebrities, Box Office, etc.

45-Crazy 4 Cinema

46-Film Bug: Movie Stars, Movie Dictionary, etc.

47-Movie Stars

48-Alex Fung's Page: All Movie Awards

49-Golden Globe Awards

50-Cinema Sites

51-Sudance Film Institute

52-The New York Film Academy

53-Mistakes in the Movies

54-Budget & Box Office Reports

55-Movies' Statistics

56-Box Office Mojo: All records

57-Guide to Web Resources in Film Studies, from Indiana University

58-Resources for Film Studies, from Columbia University

59-Links for Films & TV, from UCLA

60-Film Studies / Film History

Lists of Classics / The Best...

1-The Greatest Films, by Wikipedia 

2-Reel Classics (Stars, Directors, Reviews, and more)

3-List of Historical Movies for my Students by Periods of Nine Weeks

4-The Best...in Movies

5-Top 250 Movies, by IMDB

6-Best 1000 Movies, by The New York Times

7-The Best Movies by Genres, AFI

8-Yahoo Movie Web Ring

9-American Movie Classics

10-Turner Classic Movies

11-E! (Entertainment TV)

12-My List of Best Movies by Years

Movie Studios


Broadcasting: ABC; Cable TV: ESPN, Disney Channel, A&E, E!; Lifetime.

A certain famous mouse may live in the Magic Kingdom, but he works in Hollywood. Walt Disney Studio Entertainment, the motion picture arm of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's largest film production businesses. Its live-action and animated titles are produced and distributed through Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone, and Buena Vista International. Its Miramax Film Corp. acquires, produces, and distributes movies under the Miramax and Dimension banners. Walt Disney Studios also produces TV programming through Walt Disney Television Animation; Broadway shows through Buena Vista Theatrical Group; and CDs through Hollywood Records and Lyric Street Records.


Dimension Films is a subsidiary of Miramax

Formed in 1979 by brothers and co-chairmen Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Miramax originally distributed and produced lower budget, quirky art house films. Miramax now also develops bigger, more costly movies such as Chicago and Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York. Sister company Dimension Films reinvigorated the teen horror genre with the Scream and Scary Movie series and has expanded its scope with the Spy Kids series. Walt Disney Studio Entertainment bought the company in 1993.


Broadcasting: Fox; Cable TV: Fox News, Fox Sports, Family Channel. All are part of News Corp.


1924: Columbia founded; 1982: Bought by Coca-Cola; 1982: TriStar founded; 1987: Merge of both Co. ; 1989: Bought by Sony

1919: United Artists founded; 1924: MGM founded; 1967: U.A. is bought by Transamerica Corp.; 1970: MGM is bought by Kirk Kerkorian, from Las Vegas; 1978: Orion Pictures founded; 1981: MGM bought UA; 1986: Ted Turner bought MGM/UA; 1990: MGM/UA sold to Pathe Communications; 1992: MGM/UA bought by the French bank Credit Lyonnais; 1996: K. Kerkorian bought back MGM/UA; Late 1990's MGM/UA bought Orion Pictures. Cable TV: AMC.

1923: WB founded; 1967: New Line Cinema founded; 1967: WB is bought by Seven Arts Productions; 1969: WB is bought by Kinney National Service; 1986: Ted Turner bought MGM/UA and sold it later to Pathe Comm., but kept the library of 3,300 movies; 1989: Time Inc. bought WB; 1993: Ted Turner bought New Line Cinema and Castle Rock; Late 1990's: Ted Turner joined Time-Warner; 2000's: AOL bought Time-Warner-Turner.  Cable TV: HBO, Cinemax, TCM, TNT, TBS, CNN, and others. Also related to Liberty Media Corp., the owner of the Starz-Encore system.

1912: Founded; 1962: Bought by MCA; 1990: Bought by Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co.; Late 1990's: Bought by Seagrams Co. June 2000: Vivendi (a powerful French media Co.) and Seagrams merged. Dec. 2000: The new Co adopted the name of Vivendi Universal: it owns Universal Pictures, Universal Studios theme parks, USA Network, Sci-Fi Channel and Studios USA.


1927: Founded; 1966: Bought by Gulf and Western; 1989: Gulf and Western changed its name to Paramount Communications; 1994: Bought by Viacom. Viacom also owns the following: Broadcasting: CBS and UPN; Cable TV: MTV, TNN, Nickelodeon, and Showtime.

Created in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen, DreamWorks has established itself in the entertainment industry after a rocky start. The three founders collectively own 66% of DreamWorks; Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, owns about 26%.
The company is a leading producer and distributor of moderately budgeted independent films. It also produces TV movies, miniseries, and TV series. The company splits its operations between LA and Vancouver.
Mandalay Entertainment is the filmed entertainment production company founded by former Columbia Pictures head Peter Guber and former entertainment lawyer Paul Schaeffer. Founded in 1995 the company has produced such films as Sleepy Hollow and Enemy at the Gates. It also produces movies and series for television (Cupid, Sole Survivor) and produces non-fiction movies (Galapagos - IMAX 3D).
Artisan was formed in 1997 when a group led by Bain Capital acquired home video distributor LIVE Entertainment. The company is 30% owned by Boston-based investment firm Audex. Big screen or small screen? Makes no difference to Artisan Entertainment. The company distributes films and home movies through its two operating divisions, Artisan Pictures and Artisan Home Entertainment. Artisan releases about 10 art films a year

The Independent Film Channel

IFC Films and Next Wave Films are new film production and distribution companies under The Independent Film Channel Entertainment Division, a division of Bravo Networks. Based in New York, this company initially will release 10-12 films per year.

Revolution Studios

Founded in May 2000 by former 20th Century Fox and Disney chairman Joe Roth. Its sole goal is to produce commercial viable films

Founded by Armyan Bernstein in 1990, Beacon Communications soon became one of the most respected independent motion picture companies in the industry. In 2002, Armyan Bernstein and Charlie Lyons co-founded Holding Pictures. Holding Pictures has recently acquired the Beacon name, and has formed Beacon Pictures as a new division of Holding Pictures


Spyglass produces its films through its partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase bank, and it was distributing movies via an exclusive deal with Walt Disney Studio Entertainment, which owns a 10% stake in Spyglass. However, in late 2002 Spyglass announced it was leaving Disney to enter into a similar agreement with DreamWorks. The company is also involved in TV production through Spyglass Entertainment Television. Spyglass was founded in 1998 by veteran Hollywood producers Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum.

Brian Grazer and Ron Howard created Imagine Entertainment in 1986.

James G. Robinson, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, founded the company in early 1988 and, in its first fourteen years of operation, has seen eleven of its 30 films debut in the #1 box-office spot.

Cinema Journals / Publicaciones Académicas

1-Cinema Journal, University of Texas

2-Kinema, A Journal of Film and Audiovisual Media, Univ. of Waterloo.

3-Screening the Past, La Trobe University, Australia

4-Bright Lights Film Journal.

5-Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture

6-Senses of Cinema

7-Cinema Space, University of California at Berkeley

8- Film Quarterly, University of California

9-Camera Obscura, A journal of feminism and film theory. Duke University.

10-American Cinematographer

11-Animation Journal

12-Canadian Journal of Film Studies

13-Cinetex, University of Vienna, Austria

14-Critical Inquiry, University of Chicago

15-Film Comment, The Film Society of Lincoln Center

16- Film & History

17-Film Feature Forum


19-Film and Philosophy


21-Millennium Film Journal.

22-Movie Maker

23-Scope. Journal of the Institute of Film Studies at Nottingham University, UK

24-STROBE. Journal of Film, Television and New Media from UCLA


26-Journal of Film and Video, University Film and Video Association

27-Journal of Religion and Film, University of Nebraska at Omaha

28-Black Camera: A Micro Journal of Black Film Studies, Univ. Indiana



31-Literature Film Quarterly, Salisbury University

32-Wide Angle

33-The Yale Journal of Criticism

34-Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television, Louisiana State University

Industry's Magazines / Revistas

1-The Hollywood Reporter (Daily & Weekly)

2-Variety (Daily & Weekly)

3-Vanity Fair

4-Biography (Monthly)

5-People (Monthly)

6-National Enquirer (Weekly)

7-Entertaintment Weekly

8-Entertainment Today


10-Now Playing (Monthly)

Find, Buy, Rent, Watch

1-Movies Unlimited (Domestic & Foreign, Old & New)

1.1-Amazon.com (New & Used) Cheap !

2-Reel.com: Your Connection to the Movies

3-Blockbuster Home Page

4-New Yorker Films (Foreign Films)

4-The Library Video Company

5-Critics' Choice Videos: The Big Book of Movies

6-PBS (Educational Movies & Documentaries)

7-Annenberg Videos: Educational Series & Documentaries

8-A&E, History Channel, Biography


10-All the Movies

11-Crazy for Cinema

12-Great Classic Movies

13-Cinema Review Magazine

14-The Movie Page










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