Map  and Flag  of the U.S.A.

American Car

Jefferson & The Declaration of Independence
Liberty Bell

Patriots during the American Revolution

American Flag

Bald Eagle

Statue of Liberty

Uncle Sam


American History Comprehensive Websites

*** A Biography of America (The Complete Series:Text & Pictures) by the Annenberg Foundation ***Great !!!

A Biography of America: Watch all the 26 video programs, online, on-demand, free. Just suscribe !!!
US History Crash Course (Free Videos) in YouTube
Educational Portal (Free Videos):
1-American History I

2-American History II
3-Civil War & Reconstruction
4-Vietnam War
Resources from the Textbook "The Americans"
Stanford History Education

American History

American History & Government Hotlist

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Digital History
US History
America's Best History

Historical Texts, Articles

America's Memory (Library of Congress)
America's Story (Library of Congress)
Prints & Photographs Reading Room (Library of Congress)

Founding Documents of the USA

Facts and Documents About the USA

USA Picture History

Classroom Clip Art: USA History

Smithsonian American Art

Free Pictures: American History

National Gallery: American Paintings

Life Magazine Historical Photos Archive
Time Magazine Collections

The History Place

America at War

U.S. History.Org

American History: From Revolution to Now

US History Out Loud (Famous Speeches)

Odin's Castle (American History):
-Civil War

-Wild West
-20th. Century

The American Dream

Mr Donn's American History Page

The Hall of Heroes

History Matters

Cultural Policy in US History

American Cultural History. The Twentieth Century (Decades)

History of Religion in America

History of US Labor

History of American Diplomacy

The National Security Archives (Declassified Secret Documents)

The Odyssey: U.S Trek (Good !!!)

History Central

Only a Teacher: History of American Education

The Avalon Project (Yale Univ.): Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

America Famous Trials

America Famous Criminals

American Wealth Encyclopedia

History Games (Hangman, Rags to Riches & more) Great !!!



InfoPlease: United States Geography

US Geography Games

The Electronic Map Library

The National Park Service

Country Reports: USA (Complete Info about each State)

Stately Knowledge!

50 States

American Local History Network (States and Cities)

Native Americans

Native American Culture (History Channel)

Best History Websites: Native Americans

National Archives: Native Americans

Native American History

Native American Legends, Folktales, and Stories

More Legends & Stories

The Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Unconquered Seminoles

Colonial & Revolution

Early America

Colonial America

The American Colonist's Library

The Mayflower & The Pilgrims

The Puritans

Colonial America & the American Revolution

American Revolution

Liberty: American Revolution (PBS)

Symbols of Freedom

Symbols of the US Government

American Holidays

American West

The American West

The American West (PBS)

Westward Movement

SparksNotes: Westward Expansion

The Manifest Destiny

The Manifest Destiny (PBS)

Manifest Destiny (The Philosophy that Created a Nation)

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

The US-Mexican War: PBS

US-Mexican War (History Channel)
The US Mexican War
A Continent Divided: US Mexican War

The Gold Rush

The Mormons

The American Civil War

The US Civil War Trust

The Civil War Homepage

The History Place: The Civil War

The Civil War Home

American Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Online

Lincoln-Kennedy Synchronicities

The Lincoln-Kennedy Connection

African Americans: From Slavery to Civil Rights

African American Museums

African American Resources (Penn Univ.)
Smithsonian Black History Teaching Resources
Black Quest
The Franklin Institute: Black History Hotlist
Everything Black
JFK Presidential Library: Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Movement Veterans
Civil Rights Timeline


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History:
- The Gilded Age

-Rise of Industrial America

US History:
-The Gilded Age

-Rise of American Industry
Digital History: Gilded Age
Development of Industrial US
Library of Congress:
-Rise of Industrial America

-Industrial Revolution in the US
Inventors & Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Immigration History Research Center. University of Minnesota.

Immigration in American History

American Immigration Home Page

PBS Teaching about Immigration

Gold 8 Immigration Project

Reforming Spirit

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project: Progressive Era
Digital History: Progressive Era
The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics
US History: The Progressive Movement
Women in the Progressive Era
Library of Congress: Progressive Era
Reform Movements of the Progressive Era


The Age of Imperialism

SparkNotes: American Imperialism

Small Planet: The Age of Imperialism

The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War

US Interventions in Latin America

History of US Interventions in Latin America

The 1920s

The Lawless Decade

Temperance & Prohibition

PBS: Prohibition

US History: The Twenties

Univ. Texas: Teaching the American Twenties

The Roaring Twenties

The Jazz Age: Flapper Culture & Style

Mental Floss: The Rise of the Flapper
Flappers & the Roaring Twenties
Boundless: The Jazz Age
Cornell Univ: The Jazz Age
Digital History: The Jazz Age
PBS: Harlem Renaissance
US History: The Harlem Renaissance
Library of Congress: A Guide to Harlem Renaissance Materials

Great Depression & New Deal

New Deal Network

PBS: The Great Depression

Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project: The Great Depression
The Great Depression & the New Deal
Roosevelt Institute: The New Deal

New Deal Cultural Programs

New Deal Programs

World Wars

1-The Great War: WW I
2-History of the Great War
3-The Western Front WW I
4-The Great War Series
5-Images of the WWI
7-Hyper World War II
8-Band of Brothers (HBO Series)
9-The War (PBS Series)
10-The Pacific (HBO Series)
11-The Holocaust
12-The Holocaust History Project
13-A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
14-United States Holocaust Memorial & Holocaust Encyclopedia

The Cold War & Beyond

History Learning Site: The Cold War
BBC: The Cold War
CNN: The Cold War Series
US History: Postwar Challenges
Documents of the Cold War
SparksNotes: Cold War
Wilson Center: Cold War
Avalon Project: Cold War
National Archives: Cold War
American Presidents & the Cold War

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