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My name is Carlos J. Diaz and I teach Social Studies at Hialeah High School. The major purpose of this page is to help my students to study for their quizzes and exams (lecture notes), to find information for their projects, research papers, film analysis, book reports, and other assignments, and to get extra information for a deeper understanding of History, Politics, Economics, etc. . This is a virtual classroom, a connection to the best websites associated with the Social Studies and the Humanities; it is open 24/7 and it includes all what we do in our class; it is also a bilingual place, designed to help limited English proficient students with a Hispanic Heritage. This site includes materials for Gifted Education and Advance Placement courses. Here, you can also find resources to learn about History of Cinema, Philosophy and World Religions. Teachers will find lesson plans, instructional strategies and other resources related to their work and parents can use it as a tool to help their children.  Welcome, enjoy your visit and come back again. Please, let me know about anything wrong you find in this place of learning, that you may make yours too; help us to improve it. Thanks.


Tools for My Students

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You don't help men by doing for them what they could and should do by themselves / No se ayuda a los hombres haciendo por ellos lo que ellos pueden y deben hacer por ellos mismos . Abraham Lincoln. 
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Reading Essentials Workbook

Flowcharts & Summaries
(by chapters)

American History
Review for EOC

Government & Economics

Lecture Notes :
Study for the Tests (by chapters)

Lecture Notes
Study for the Tests (by chapters)

Lecture Notes
Study for the Tests (by chapters)

World History and Geography - Fl Ed.


 Glencoe's "World History"
Online Resources

"United States History & Geography: Modern Times"
The Americans
 Online Resources

"Magruder's American Government"
Online Resources

"Economics. Principles in Action"
Online Resources

Best Web Sites

Best Web Sites

Best Web Sites for U.S. Government

Best Web Sites for Economics

PowerPoint Pres. for World History

PowerPoint Pres. for American History

PowerPoint Pres for U.S. Government & Economics

Films for World History
by Units
Click for Questions
Films for American History
by Units

Click for Questions
Films for Government & Economics
by Units

Click for Questions
Free Videos for Homework:
World History

1-Annemberg: The Western Tradition
2-Annemberg: Bridging World History History 101 History 102
5-Crash Course World History
6-Turning Points in History
7-Decisive Battles in History
8-Engineering an Empire (History Channel)
9-Spinning World History
10-Khan Academy: History (Before 1300)
10.1-Khan Academy: History (1500-1600)
10.2-Khan Academy: History (1700-1900)
10.3-Khan Academy: History (1900-Present)
Art History
10.4-Khan Academy Art History
12-Otis College Art History
13-Painting Movements by Dr. Muth Omar
14-Annemberg: Art of the Western World History of Visual Art


Research Projects for the Year
(World History)


Free Videos for Homework:

American History
1-Annemberg: A Biography of America US History I Civil war & Reconstruction US History II Vietnam War
6-Crash Course US History
7-Have Fun with History (Videos)
8-Khan Academy: US History
9-The Century: America's Time
American Art History
10-Robert Hughes American Visions


Research Projects for the Year
(US History / American Decades)

Free Videos for Homework:

US Government
1-Annemberg: The Constitution: That Delicate Balance

    2-Annemberg: Democracy in America


1-Annemberg: Economics U$A

2-Annemberg: Inside the Global Economy

World Literature
(Book Reports)

Click for Questions
American Literature
(Book Reports)

Click for Questions
Special Assignments

Watch Fragments of the:  100 Best History Movies of All Time


World Religions

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

"Philosophy: the Power of Ideas"
Online Resources: Objectives, Glossary, Quizzes, etc.

"Experiencing World Religions"
Online Resources: Objectives, Glossary, Quizzes, etc.

Videos: Educational Portal

Articles / Reading Assignment:

Articles / Reading Assignment: 1-

Best Websites & Videos

Best Websites & Videos + Religion 101

Other Resources

I-My Classroom, My Students, and My Educational Philosophy. 

I-Mi Aula, Mis Estudiantes, y Mi Filosofía Educacional.

II-General References (Encyclopedias, Online Databases, Biographies, Search Engines & Online Bookstores)

II-Referencias Generales (Enciclopedias, Bases de Datos, Biografías, Motores de Búsqueda y Librerías)

III-The History of Cinema

III-La Historia del Cine

IV-Chess Team

IV-Equipo de Ajedrez

V-Global Issues, The World Today (Poverty, AIDS, Human Solidarity, Violence, Guns, Terrorism, Population, Nuclear Weapons, War, Environment, and more.)

V-Temas Globales, El Mundo de Hoy (Pobreza, SIDA, Solidaridad Humana, Violencia, Terrorismo, Poblacion, Armas Nucleares, Guerra y Medio Ambiente)

VI-Our State and City. Universities, Scholarships & Jobs.

VI-Nuestro Estado y Ciudad. Universidades, Becas y Empleos.

VII-Resources for Teachers, Parents & Students

VII-Recursos para Maestros, Padres y Estudiantes

VIII-Bilingual Education and Hispanic Links. Resources in Spanish.

VIII-Educación Bilingüe y Conexiones Hispanas. Recursos en Español.

IX-Gifted Education

IX-Educación de Superdotados 

X-All About Cuba

X-Todo sobre Cuba

XI-News, Views, Blogs, Politics,  and more.

XI-Noticias, Opiniones, Politica, y mas.


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